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Turn Your Listing Descriptions into Sales
Think back to 2006. You may remember hearing about the launch of a new social media platform, Twitter. You most likely didn't, because it had little fanfare. Posts to the social media platform were dubbed "tweets" and tweeters were limited to only 140 characters. Jack Dorsey, one of the platform's founder, claims they chose the word Twitter, because it was "perfect," defined as "a short burst of inconsequential information." Today, tweeters are allowed to use 280 characters to tweet out their inconsequential information, but the majority use only 33 characters, according to Sarah Perez, at TechCrunch.com. Remind you of anything?
Why You Should Replace the Word 'Beautiful' in Real Estate Listings
This blog is about expanding your lexicon to include more evocative language in your real estate listings (without complicating the description), so you don't feel obliged to carpet-bomb your web copy with adjectives like beautiful, attractive, or stunning. I have a theory that using the same adjectives in different listings causes shopping fatigue. When everything from the master bedroom to the hot water heater is 'beautiful,' the reader feels a little like this: By expanding your lexicon, I believe you can accomplish two things:
How to Write a Neighborhood Guide