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Welcome to the power of PRODUCTIVITY.  The power of ONE singular platform for all of your lead generation, digital marketing, and client collaboration.  The power of ELEVATE. 



Elevate offers Brokers, Agents and Teams an intuitive, consolidated marketing experience including IDX websites, online lead generation, automated email and text campaigns, social media marketing, blogging, daily market reports, a CMA wizard and an at-a-glance performance dashboard, all backed by fanatical training and support.

Automated Marketing for Busy Real Estate Professionals
Elevate subscribers save valuable time using Elevate’s automated marketing workflows.  Imagine automated email and text messages to your prospects, new listings and relevant life-style content automatically posted to your website, blog and social channels, and daily market reports automatically sent to your active buyers.  Wow!

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Brokerages will LOVE Elevate BOSS. 
Alongside all of the robust features of Elevate, BOSS also offers insight into key performance indicators within your office and across your agents, allowing you to make the best decisions for you and your company; as well as a recruitment module that makes curating and connecting with prospective agents incredibly easy. Nice!

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Looking for buyer / seller leads? 
Elevate offers a variety of different lead generation options designed to support your needs and your budget.  Our unique pay-per-click (PPC) lead generation captures buyers and sellers with intent inside of Google, Yahoo, Bing and social media.  Sweet!

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Elevate offers energic onsite & online educational boot camps to help brokers, agents & teams excel.  Designed to energize and empower, the Elevate Boot Camp series provides, tips, tricks & strategies on everything from social media marketing, lead generation, nurturing & conversion, and much more.

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8 Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads on a Budget
There are many ways to get clients. But no matter where you are in the process of building your business, it's always good to have a few extra tricks up your sleeve for generating real estate leads on a budget. Sometimes, you need these strategies because your marketing budget just isn't as robust as you'd like. But even in flush times, it's good to get leads for less, because the savings ultimately strengthens your bottom line. As you continue to build out your lead-generation toolbox, consider these eight ideas you can employ right away, without spending much (if any) money. 1. Start with your social sphere Your social sphere is a goldmine of potential clients who already have a level of trust and familiarity with you. Of course, it's critical to take a soft approach. Never push friends, family, or even acquaintances into doing business with you, and you never want to sacrifice a relationship for a transaction. Instead, stay attuned to the real estate needs of the people you know. Work to understand their aspirations and pain points, then use these insights to offer solutions. Over time, people will learn they can come to you for help with real estate matters. In all likelihood, some of them will turn to you when they are ready to buy or sell a home. 2. Build your social media presence For many people, using social media to generate real estate leads feels intimidating, because consistently producing content can be a challenge. The good news is that you don't have to make all that many posts to get leads. Start by engaging with other people's posts. Join Facebook groups and visit Reddit boards geared toward homebuyers. When people on these boards ask real estate questions, offer your expertise. Share relevant real estate insights, and occasionally promote your listings. This balanced approach enhances your visibility and positions you as a knowledgeable and approachable agent. Once you're ready to start creating your own content, you'll have a solid network of social media contacts who might be willing to share your posts and help increase your reach. The most important thing to remember about social media is that providing value is paramount. Post content like market updates, home maintenance tips, and resource lists. These resources don't have to be strictly related to real estate, either. Anything that could help a potential homebuyer, such as down payment assistance, is a value-add to your potential clients. Offering this sort of value not only informs and helps your potential clients, it also subtly reminds them of your expertise and services. That way, you're top-of-mind when real estate needs arise. 3. Take advantage of agent-to-agent referrals This sounds counterintuitive, but referring leads to fellow real estate agents is a great way to get leads yourself. If a client approaches you with needs that are outside your expertise, service area, or current bandwidth, it's more valuable in the long run if you refer them to a fellow Realtor rather than delivering subpar service. This strategic move underscores your dedication to serving the client's best interest. The client, as well as the Realtor who receives the referral, will remember it. This strategy rarely generates leads in the short term, but agents with complementary specializations will eventually return the favor, and you'll get more business in the long run. 4. Embrace cold calling Any good lead-generation strategy is a careful blend of multiple tactics, and cold calling typically takes a back seat to other, more modern tactics. However, cold calling is still an economical and effective option, especially if you are operating on a limited marketing budget. Cold calling is a simple way to target specific demographics, neighborhoods, or property types without learning any new technologies or tools. It's a straightforward way to contact potential leads that align with your real estate portfolio and expertise. Have a strategy with your cold calling, and be sure to offer some value to the person on the other end. With minimal investment in a good calling plan, and possibly CRM software, you can reach a wide audience and build a consistent stream of leads. 5. Maintain a healthy blog Similar to cold calling, some people believe blogs have been replaced by more modern digital marketing tools. But blogs are still a great way to generate a consistent stream of inbound leads. Your blog is more than a mere collection of articles. It's a dynamic tool that showcases your expertise and offers value to potential clients. Additionally, just like cold calling, a blog requires very little financial investment. You don't even have to produce a large amount of content, as long as you produce content consistently. If you post a new blog article once a week, or even once every two weeks, over time you'll have a good stockpile of articles that attract leads. Additionally, your incoming leads will likely come with fewer basic questions, because they already got answers from your blog. 6. Work with real estate investors There are over three million real estate licensees in the United States, but a relatively small portion of these agents market their services to real estate investors. For starters, this means you'll have less competition. Additionally, investors are in the business of buying and selling properties consistently. Unlike residential buyers, their need for real estate is continuous, which gives you a steady stream of transactions and, therefore, commissions. Even more, investors typically have a wider network compared to residential buyers. Once you've closed a few investment deals, satisfied investors are likely to refer you within their network, opening doors to new clients. Since investors often collaborate with one another, a single recommendation can significantly bolster your credibility and start a flood of incoming referral leads. 7. Mine FSBO listings for primed leads For-sale-by-owner (FSBO) listings can offer a wealth of leads, as long as you take the right approach. If an FSBO listing has been up for a long time, or expired without producing a sale, the seller is likely willing to accept some help. Once the seller gets to this point, a good tactic is to start by offering advice, or even a few free services. The seller started with an FSBO listing in the first place because they wanted to avoid the Realtor commission. They may not appreciate it if you begin your contact by offering to be their agent. At worst, the listing sells well after you offer your advice, the seller has your contact information, and they might come to you if they need real estate help in the future. Or they might refer you to someone they know. At best, the seller realizes they are in over their head and you get the opportunity to make a sale that generates a commission. Either way, FSBO listings are an easy way to find people who have a property to sell and need professional help selling it. There's very little downside in reaching out and offering help. 8. Use personal outreach to get value from your contact list As you develop your business, you'll build up a substantial contact list. Your contact list is a huge asset. Don't underestimate the value of personalized communication. Take advantage of any opportunity to stay in touch with people. Reach out with birthday wishes, congratulate them on significant life events (social media is a great way to see when these events happen), or simply check in periodically. These gestures, though small, fortify your relationships, making it more likely for them to consider or refer you when real estate needs surface. Go forth and get leads for less Generating leads without spending a lot of money will never go out of style. If you master even just a few of these lead-generation tactics, you'll have tools in your toolbox that will carry you through whatever the housing market throws at you. So pick up your phone, hop on social media, or grab your keyboard, and get out there to pick up more leads. To view the original article, visit the Wise Agent
Top 10 Roadblocks: Clearing the Path to Success
Friday, December 8, 2023 at 10:00 AM PST There are plenty of reasons why leads may start to pull-back when you reach out to them. Get one step ahead by understanding common roadblocks and how to clear the path. In this session, we'll share the top 10 challenges in connecting, converting and establishing value with online leads and how to overcome them. Examples of what we cover: Just wanted more info on the property Not ready to talk to an agent The listing is under contract Register
A TikTok Trend to Revamp Your Pipeline: Tap Into the Triangle Method
Sometimes, your follow-up method with leads in your pipeline can feel a little rinse-and-repeat. There's nothing wrong with keeping your tried-and-true methods in place, but sometimes things can feel a little stale. What if you could shake your outreach style up a bit to breathe new life into your pipeline? You may (or may not) have heard about the triangle method for dating that's going around on TikTok, but it got us thinking about ways to implement a three-pronged approach to prospecting — because, after all, prospecting is a little like dating, too. Stay with us: it all comes down to communication, and building a strong impression to make a lasting impact. A 3-Point Communication Method to Keep You on Leads' Radar Consider this a three-part recipe for a well-rounded approach to communicating with leads in your pipeline and taking it up a notch. This approach also helps ensure you have a strong presence that's front and center every step of the way. Step 1: Make a Great First Impression To kick off meaningful communication with any lead, you want to show them what you're made of with a solid first impression. You also want to take the guesswork out of why they should partner with you. For this first part of the three-point communication approach, start by collecting as much information about your lead ahead of time — with as little questions as possible. Not only does this make sure you're researching everything you need to know about the lead, it shows them you've put in the legwork to learn about them, too. To accomplish this, use online databases as much as you can to get key info about things like where they're from, what they're up to, and what their current neighborhood is. Go beyond typical conversation starters and show you've done your homework. Step 2: Craft a Short Video Message You've already heard about drip campaigns and follow-up timing, but how about taking it up a notch and infusing a more personal approach? For the second part of this approach to communication, consider making a short video message, a great, no-pressure way to get face time in front of your potential clients. It also adds an extra personal element to any outreach you do, beyond just an email or phone call. Our pro tips to do a video message well: Include a bright, cheery greeting, and wear something colorful (yet professional) so you look put together and approachable Face an open window or other bright light source so your video quality is crisp and clear Do a few takes to get the nerves and stumbles out before the final cut As always, include a call-to-action that's clear about what you want them to do, and also include a way for them to call you back When your leads receive your video, it adds in the convenience of allowing them to watch your message whenever it works best for them — and still see you as a person. Step 3: Say Something Valuable and Send a Little Something Their Way Last but not least, our third point in the three-point communication approach to your pipeline. Think of this like the bow on the present, or the cherry on top of the ice cream sundae. This step wraps it all up neatly and helps you leave a lasting impression. You'll inevitably need to reach out to prospects multiple times, and that's okay. It's what nurture streams, follow-up plans (like this one), and outreach tactics are made for. In addition to sending your prospects key data, like market reports or trends in the ZIP they're interested in, you can also send a gift their way. It doesn't have to be extravagant; really, it just needs to be tangible. Go the classic route with direct mail and send a handwritten card, or even a kit with information on their area. If you're able to, you may also send a piece of branded swag their way, along with a brochure about your areas of expertise in the local neighborhood. By tying your communication approach together with valuable information and a nice little gift for them to enjoy, you can leave a lasting impression. Think about it: we all love getting surprises in the mail, no matter how big or small. Something as simple as sending a magnet with your name and information on it can not only inform them about your status as a real estate pro, it'll help keep you top-of-mind when they see it on their fridge daily. To view the original article, visit the Inside Real Estate. Related reading How to Follow-Up with Leads 450% More Effectively The Ultimate Guide to Email Follow Up Is Your Real Estate Lead Follow-Up Persistent... or