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Welcome to the power of PRODUCTIVITY.  The power of ONE singular platform for all of your lead generation, digital marketing, and client collaboration.  The power of ELEVATE. 



Elevate offers Brokers, Agents and Teams an intuitive, consolidated marketing experience including IDX websites, online lead generation, automated email and text campaigns, social media marketing, blogging, daily market reports, a CMA wizard and an at-a-glance performance dashboard, all backed by fanatical training and support.

Automated Marketing for Busy Real Estate Professionals
Elevate subscribers save valuable time using Elevate’s automated marketing workflows.  Imagine automated email and text messages to your prospects, new listings and relevant life-style content automatically posted to your website, blog and social channels, and daily market reports automatically sent to your active buyers.  Wow!

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Brokerages will LOVE Elevate BOSS. 
Alongside all of the robust features of Elevate, BOSS also offers insight into key performance indicators within your office and across your agents, allowing you to make the best decisions for you and your company; as well as a recruitment module that makes curating and connecting with prospective agents incredibly easy. Nice!

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Looking for buyer / seller leads? 
Elevate offers a variety of different lead generation options designed to support your needs and your budget.  Our unique pay-per-click (PPC) lead generation captures buyers and sellers with intent inside of Google, Yahoo, Bing and social media.  Sweet!

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Attend a Social Media Marketing Boot Camp
Elevate offers energic onsite & online educational boot camps to help brokers, agents & teams excel.  Designed to energize and empower, the Elevate Boot Camp series provides, tips, tricks & strategies on everything from social media marketing, lead generation, nurturing & conversion, and much more.

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Real estate marketing, social media, repeat and referral, top-of-mind marketing. You've probably heard of all of them, but may not know how they apply to your real estate business. And even if you do, the nuances may be so eclectic they continuously escape you, leaving you with a social media marketing strategy that no longer works or an outdated well of tactics that Google and company no longer smile favorably on. Take a deep breath, massage your temples and embrace social media — even as a real estate professional. Why social media marketing is so crucial in real estate Social media platforms have a wide range of new lead generation potential, while allowing you to stay up-to-date with your past clients. The relationship aspect of social media accounts is a well-known facet of the platforms and their target markets. But other than just having access to more leads and past happy clients, what are successful real estate agents using their platforms for? Marketing and influence. Most social media platforms allow you to utilize their built-in metrics to gauge what marketing strategies are working with your brand and which to leave by the wayside. Social media posts pushed from marketing and business managers often come with insights that tell you who engaged with the post, what the engagement was like, and whether to update your locale to reach more of your target market. But to get the most out of this, you'll have to ensure you have a deep well of influence across your channels. How do I strengthen my social media presence? Post often and post about more than just houses, neighborhoods and market updates. While these things are great to post about, venture out and give your target audience more to take in than just housing. To start, try posting general real estate advice. Use your social media channels to make yourself the expert real estate agent in your particular location and desired market. From there, use your Facebook page, Twitter posts, Instagram page or other platform to engage with your social media followers. These engagements are key to understanding what it is your clients and leads are hunting for in the current real estate market, and what pain points you can solve for over other real estate professionals. Be sure to genuinely follow some of your followers back, engage with their posts and paint yourself as the available expert ready and willing to help, at normal and non-invasive intervals. After all, you want to post often and frequently, but you don't want to post about the same exact things so often that you lose the social following you've worked so hard to gain. Use the resources available to you Probably one of the most overlooked success strategies out there is utilizing the resources available to you through your social media platform. Each is designed with extensive help desks and knowledge bases to help you navigate through their resource pool. Likewise, support channels also exist where you can get live feedback. If you still need a little extra help with your online presence and digital marketing strategies, education and coaching opportunities are available to give you an extra edge when working toward your influential marketing goals. So whether you're in the market for a new marketing strategy or just want to understand the landscape a little bit more, starting with social media is a great, low-cost way to give your marketing prowess the extra boost it needs. Download this FREE GUIDE for actionable ideas for your social media marketing Your free Social Media 101 Marketing Guide will give you fresh ideas for how to create awesome social media marketing content. Download this guide and get the tips and trips from pros to elevate your social media marketing content today! DOWNLOAD
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Monday, November 28, 2022 at 11:00 AM PST Some agents make it look like a breeze to secure those oh-so-coveted listings, while others struggle to catch the attention of sellers. Ever wonder why? How you market your business, you use the tools available to connect with your database, and how you market your unique value in a way that matters is how you can secure more seller leads. Join the Elm Street Academy educational team as they share the blueprint on how you can use your online presence to market yourself as an expert and market leader so that when it's time for a seller to list their home, you are top of mind! Walk away with actionable knowledge: How to build brand awareness on your social channels Strategies to present yourself as an industry and community expert How to create an online ecosystem that drives results What you should (and should not) do to stand out to sellers Find opportunities to present your unique value proposition And much more! Register
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You've got your overall 2023 business plan down—now it's time to hone in on the nitty-gritty details of your lead generation strategy for the year ahead. To help you do just that, we're highlighting a lead generation planning guide in this week's Friday Freebie. It's completely editable and helps you focus in on your strengths, weaknesses, lead gen goals, budget, strategies and more! Read on to learn how to download your FREE copy. Free download of the 2023 Real Estate Lead Generation Plan, courtesy of Zurple There are 44 days until the new year. Are you ready to meet the challenges of the 2023 real estate market head on? Put your best foot forward with a solid strategy for generating and converting leads. The 2023 Real Estate Lead Generation Plan helps you define your goals and strategies in order to give you solid, actionable steps to take in 2023. The Plan is editable and acts as a worksheet to help you think about and map out your lead gen strategy. Here's what's included: SWOT and competition analyses Lead generation goal setting worksheet Lead generation initiatives worksheet Worksheet for identifying your ideal customers Lead generation plan with space to detail strategies, lead gen channels, performance, budget, etc. And more Get ready to drum up all the business you can handle. Download the 2023 Real Estate Lead Generation Plan